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Ayurveda Vata

People with this energy predominant can tend towards extremes- either very tall or very short, irregular features, crooked teeth, dusky complexion, thin/ frail bone structure, thin build, small eyes. Functionally, dryness, constipation, variable appetite and digestion may challenge their bodies.

Mental/Emotional Nature:
This energy is said to be composed of the elements ether and air; this is reflected in their emotional makeup with enthusiastic and excitable natures. They are creative and dramatic and are natural generators of activity. They enjoy doing many things at one time and value variety.

When they are out of balance, they may struggle with flightiness, unpredictability, moodiness, worry, anxiety, fear. They may be forgetful and scattered. Stress may overwhelm them and they battle depression when overstimulated by work or life.

What can create VATA Imbalance:
Too much lightness or dryness in foods or activities can disturb this energy. Travel creates imbalance, as do overextending oneself, excess stress, lack of routine and too much worry.

General ways to counter VATA Imbalance:
This can be helped with warm, heavy foods. Calming routines and maintaining a nurturing schedule.

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