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Physical Appearance & Function:
People with this energy predominant tend to medium in height and build, have fine, straight hair that is either blonde or red, and may have more freckles or moles than other people. Functionally, their bodies are challenged by heat that may show up in skin rashes, hyperacidity or heartburn, and diarrhea when ill. Their fiery make up tends to burn up food quickly and they have strong appetites.

Mental/Emotional Nature:
This energy is said to be composed of the elements of fire and water. These people burn with intensity and passion for their projects. They confront challenges and enjoy the energy that these generates. They are quick learners and natural leaders.

When they are out of balance, anger, jealousy, resentment and judgements may challenge them. They hold opinions very strongly. They may get too involved in one project and neglect others. They may offend people because of their single-minded focus on their goals.

What can create Pitta Imbalance
Too much heat or intensity in their foods or activities can disturb this energy. Competition creates imbalance, as do judgement, excessive control and too much focus on themselves and their projects.

General ways to counter Pitta Imbalance
Pittas fire can be balanced with cool, fresh foods. Time in nature and purposely letting go of control of the people or situations in their life will also help. Summers heat takes its toll on the body and mind and is aggravating to Pitta.

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