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Physical Appearance & Function
People with this energy predominant tend to medium, stocky frames. They are usually solid and well-built. They have rounded features, thick skin, and their hair is full and luxurious. Functionally, their bodies are challenged by slow and heavy conditions that may show up as sluggish digestion and elimination, mucusy congestion and swelling.

Mental/Emotional Nature
This energy is said to be composed of the elements of water and earth. When balanced, they embody unconditional love and acceptance. They are deep learners, preferring to know one topic in its entirety before moving to the next.

When they are out of balance, they may tend towards melancholy and attachment to people and things. This may show up as strong resistance to change. Lethargy, apathy and laziness are common indicators of Kapha imbalance.

What can create Kapha imbalance
Too many heavy or moist foods or activities can disturb this energy. Sweets create imbalance as do lack of activity or too much attachment to people or things.

General ways to counter Kapha imbalance
This can be helped with spicy, warm foods. Activities that will keep the person moving and releasing their attachments are favorable.

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