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Doshic Imbalances

Any imbalance in the doshas is likely to have a negative effect on your mind and emotions. If in excess you are more likely to display negative energy of a quality associated with it. The predominant dosha of your constitution becoming in excess more easily than the others, you will tend to experience its negative aspects more than the others.

Doshic ImbalanceNegative emotions aggravate the dosha associated with them. For example, high kapha may mean you are more possessive; but possessiveness in turn increases kapha even more. The way to break this vicious circle is to pacify the aggravated dosha.

Increased consciousness of Ayurveda and your personal constitution will now enable you to rate the qualities of your moods as V, P, and / or K. Checked as frequently as on a daily basis, this is a very useful way to monitor even small changes in a dosha, and take steps to restore the balance sooner than later. Relate the qualities of your moods to the qualities in other aspects of your life. Since "like increases like" if you are impatient or critical (pitta), check if you have eaten pitta-genic foods or been exposed to pitta-provoking experiences.

Excess Vata leads to:

Nervousness Moodiness
Anxiety Loss of consciousness
Fear Impairment of sensory functions
Confusion Tremors in Limbs
Grief Constipation
Sadness Insomnia
Insecurity Dry & rough skin
Lack of integrity Low vitality
Loss of creativity Lack of communication







With decreased Vata giving rise to :

 Lethargy  Nausea
Depression  Irregularity in gastric activity


In case of excess Pitta one suffers from:

Ambition Hate
Anger  Jealousy
Envy  Judgmental or critical tendencies
Fear of  Failure  Lack of  Discernment
Snappy Speech and Actions Pride
Skepticism Burning Sensations
Excessive Thirst Craving for Cold
Loss of Sleep Fever






While decreased Pitta results in:

Indigestion  Loss of lustre in the skin
Abnormal loss of body heat Irregular bowel movements


Aggravated Kapha in turn causes :

Boredom Lack of Interest
Carelessness Secretion from the mouth
Lack of compassion Lethargy
Greed Excessive Sleep
Feeling lack of support or love Improper Digestive Function
Obsessive Behavior Obesity
Unkindness  Nausea




And decreased Kapha gives way to:

Thirst Cramps
Giddiness Body aches
Dryness of  Mouth 
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