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Dosha sub type & their features

Each of the three doshas can be sub-classified variously and their respective features are as indicated below:

Vata (Vayu)

Doshas  Site Normal Function  Ailments caused by its vitation
Prana  Heart   Breathing and swallowing the food  Hiccups, Bronchitis, Asthma, Cold, Hoarseness of voice
Udana Throat Speech and voice Various diseases of eye, ear, nose and throat.
Samana Stomach & small intestines Helps action of digestive enzymes, assimilation of end products of food and separation into their various tissue elements. Indigestion, Diarrhea, Defective assimilation.
Apana Colon & organs of pelvis Elimination of stool, urine, semen, foetal and menstrual blood. Diseases of bladder, anus & testicles, Obstinate urinary diseases, Diabetes


Doshas  Site Normal Function  Ailments caused by its vitation
Pachaka Stomach & small intestines Digestion Indigestion, Anorexia
Ranjaka Liver, spleen and stomach Blood Function Anemia, Jaundice Hepatitis
Sadhaka Heart Memory and other mental functions. Psychic disturbances, Cardiac diseases
Alochaka Eyes Vision Impairment of vision
Bhrajaka Skin Colour and glaze of the skin Leucoderma, Other skin diseases.


Doshas Site Normal Function  Ailments caused by its vitation
Kledaka Stomach Moistens food,     which helps in digestion. Impairment of digestion
Avalambaka Heart Energy in limbs  Laziness
Bodhaka Tongue Perception of taste. Impairment of digestion
Tarpaka Brain Nourishment of the sense organs Loss of memory, Impairment of function of sense organs
Shlesshaka Joints Lubrication of joints Pain in joints, Impairment of function of joints.
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