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Commonly Prescribed Treatments in Ayurveda
Other Important Treatmen..

Practitioners draw from more than 20 types of treatment, but the most commonly prescribed include

Breathing exercises. Practicing pranayama generates feelings of calmness.

Rubbing the skin with herbalized oil (usually sesame oil is the base) to increase blood circulation and draw toxins out of the body through the skin.

Using mantras (repeated words or phrases) during meditation combined with specific herbs to rejuvenate a person.

Combining pranayama, movement, and meditation. Has been shown to improve circulation and digestion, and to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Pancha karma
Cleansing the body of toxins to purify the body and reduce cholesterol. Practitioners use methods to induce sweat, bowel movements, and even vomit in an effort to cleanse the body of toxins.

Herbal medicines
Prescribing herbs to restore dosha balance.

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