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Cure for Other Ailments

No more breathless nights for those suffering from asthma once he starts following the Panchakarma therapy for asthma. The treatment pattern in panchakarma is different for the patients during attack, in between attack and to those who are prone to such attacks, but free from any symptoms at the time of treatment.

Oil Massage Oil massage followed by medicated steam fomentation and internal oleation is the treatment for those who are prone to asthmatic attacks but are free from any symptoms at the time of treatment. The strength of the patient determines the treatment during attack and here the modified medicated emesis is applied to both strong and weak patients.

The Vardhamana Pippali Rasayana improves the strength of the weak organs like lungs, heart and stomach and increases immunity when used for the treatment in between attacks of asthma.

Multiple Scerlosis
Do you have a weakness in your limbs or numbness and tightening in your toes or difficulty in holding small objects? If so, you could be a victim of multiple sclerosis. Panchakarma offers treatment for this disease. Being a predominantly Vata disease oil massage, fomentation with poultice of herbal leaves and medicated retention enema is the treatment used in Panchakarma.

Back Pain
Kundalini MassageMiddle age is a period feared alike by both the sexes as it brings along a number of diseases. The most common among them being back pain. For this disease, which arises out of sedentary type of work, obesity, lack of proper exercises, improper postures, inherited weakness of bones and muscles panchakarma offers effective treatments.

The treatment varies according to the cause behind back pain panchakarma therapy with `Kundalini` massage and oral herbal supplementation.The different types of massages in this treatment are Oil, Chavitti Pizhichil, Basti (Medicated Enema), Dhara, Kizhi and Kati basti. Kundalini is a type of massage in which "marma" points are activated by soft pressure massage technique.

Those extra pounds on your buttocks and breasts, excessive hunger and thirst; difficulty in manual work could be indications of obesity. Obesity is the excessive weight usually in the form of excessive weight. If neglected it can lead to other diseases like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart disease or arthritis.

Panchakarma offers treatment for obesity depending on the type, that is, Kapha, Vata or Pitta.Overweight requires a reducing method, with light diet, fasting, suitable exercise and Panchakarma therapy.

Pain stiffness and swelling in joints, bones, bursae, tendon or sheaths are warnings of Rheumatism. Also named as Amavata disorder due to the vitiation of Vata and Ama. Panchakarma offers Samsarjana Krama fasting to remove ama or toxins in the body; followed by Kanjidhara, a sort of poultice type of sudation. Drinking hot water in the Ama stage is necessary to reduce toxins.

Collection of phlegm in the maxillary and frontal sinuses due to allergy to dust, pollen grains, damp cold weather, exposure to rain is a clear signal of sinusitis. Beginning with common cold it further leads to headache, dry cough, ear infection and so on. The main panchakarma procedures used in case of sinusitis are oil massage, fomentation, medicated vomiting, medicated smoking and gargling with herbal warm decoction. Strong purifying type of nasal medication (nasya) is the most important part of the treatment.

Menopausal Syndrome
Menopause, the change of life in women between 45 to 50 may cause disturbances in health, due to hormonal changes. Tingling and numbness, joints pains, backache, muscular pains stiffness of neck are the symptoms of this syndrome. Panchakarma offers treatment for the symptoms such that middle-aged women do not realize the passing of that period in their lives.

For a long and healthy life one can confidently approach the panchakarma therapy. Panchakarma cleanses the body by the elimination of vitiated excess humours from the body. Emphasis is on increasing the Ojas (primary vitality) and improving Sattva (mental clarity)

Once the large intestine looses its tone you become the victim of constipation. The reasons for constipation are eating food, which is difficult to digest (e.g. red meat, cheese), irregular eating timings, faulty food habits, excessive intake of coffee or tea. Panchakarma offers treatment depending upon whether the constipation is of acute or chronic type. For acute type the best treatment is oil enema followed by decoction enema or introduction of glycerin suppository in the rectum. For the chronic type a whole body oil massage is prescribed. Basti (medicated enema) is very effective in most types of constipation.

Facial Oil MassageImbalance of Vata in your body is the reason for insomnia and anxiety depression.Panchakarma offered treatment for depression. They are; Abhyanga (whole body oil massage); Shiro-dhara (constant stream of medicated liquid as oil or milk over the forehead); Shiro Basti (medicated oil retention over the head); Vaman (emesis, therapeutic vomiting); Virechana (therapeutic purgation); Basti (medicated enema); Nasya (nasal application of herbs and oils); Dhumapana (smoking with herbal fumes); Dhupan (fumigation of the room using incense and sandalwood to calm the mind); Anjan (type of medication in the eye); Shirolepan (application of herbal paste over the forehead and scalp).

Facial Palsy
Exposure to chill, complicated causes like tumor, abscess, hemorrhage, infection of the middle ear and leukemia are the causes for Facial palsy. The treatment prescribed by Panchakarma for facial palsy is facial oil massage; internal oleation, with pinda and nadi type of fomentation; nasal medication and Vata pacifying diet

A close relation of constipation, flatulence involves the bloating or distension of the large intestine with migrating abdominal pains. The treatments offered by Panchakarma are Lepan (castor oil applied on the abdomen); Medicated enema; Udar-basti (retaining oil over the abdomen with the help of wheat flour; Vaman (medicated vomiting).

That throbbing pain on both sides of you head is that which is, clinically termed as headache. It could be due to reasons like indigestion, constipation, colds and flues, poor posture or muscle tension. Headaches are of Vata, Pitta and Kapha types. The treatments prescribed by the Panchakarma therapy are internal and external oleation; Abhyanga (oil massage to head, face, neck and sole of foot); Swedan (nasal inhalation); Lepan (medicated paste applied over the forehead); virechan (purgation).

Paralysis of one side of the body is the disease called Hemiplegia. Meningitis, brain tumor and compression of cerebral vessels can lead to hemiplegia. Panchakarma treats it with oil massage, whole body fomentation and medicated purgation.

Hypertension is a warning for impending heart disease. It leads to tremors, palpitation, insomnia headache and tinitus. Usually seen in people after the age of 40.The effective treatment offered by Panchakarma is abhyanga or oil massage.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome
A syndrome faced by all women till they are 55. The symptoms include irritability, lassitude, malaise, headache, gastrointestinal problems, feeling of fullness in breast abdomen and feet.The treatments prescribed by Panchakarma are oil massage, Vaman, Medicated Purgation, Udan Basti.

If you are suffering from swelling and pain in the joints then you could be a Polyarthritis patient. This is a Vata disease present in all continents and is both chronic and degenerative in nature. The first step-in Panchakarma therapy is Samarjana Krama, a method of fasting by which the toxins in the body are burnt up followed by oil massage; Blood letting (application of leeches or removal of blood thought the veins called Rakta moksham).

Patient suffering from sciatica walks with pressure of the body on one leg. The pain on either right or left leg is due to the pressure on one of the sciatic nerve. The important Panchakarma procedures are oil massage, dry and wet sudation according to the vitiated doshas, medicated purgation, decoction and oil enema, and retention of oil over the low back with the help wheat of flour dough.

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