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Home > Treatments and Medicine > Remedies for common ailments > Adult Ailments
Adult Ailments


1. Cough
    Dry, frequent cough, pain in chest, headache, hoarseness of voice etc.


  1. Adult`s Ailments2-3 cloves fried in ghee to be placed in mouth and sucked or

  2. 1/2 gm powder of long pepper mixed with rock salt twice daily, with hot water or

  3.  Powder of equal parts of long pepper and dry ginger, (5 gm.) with honey, twice daily or

  4. 5 gm. powder of equal parts of black pepper, dry ginger and sugar mixed with butter/ghee, twice daily.

2. Toothache
    Pain in tooth


  1. Cotton soaked in clove oil, place near painful teeth or

  2. Place Asafoetida(Hing) and salt near the painful teeth or

  3. Put black peeper/clove/carum seeds(Ajwain) in mouth

3. Earache
    Pain in ear


  1. Instill warm juice of ginger, 2-4 drops in the ear, twice a day or

  2. Instill warm juice of radish, 2-4 drops, twice a day or

  3. Instill 2-4 drops of warm juice of garlic in the ear, twice a day.

4. Common Fever
    Low temperature, feeling of warmth, pain in body and loss of perspiration


  1. Decoction of 2-3 gm. Powder of ginger, black pepper and long pepper, 2-3 times a day or

  2. Decoction of 30 gm. Coriander seeds in 100 ml. Of water and sugar, once a day in the morning or

  3. 1 gm. powder of long pepper with 5-10 gm. Honey, three times a day.

5. Indigestion
    Heaviness, gas formation, constipation or loose motions


  1. Boil 5 gm. of dried ginger in 1 litre of water, to be taken several times in a day or

  2. 2 gm. powder of dried ginger, mix with 3 gm. Jaggery, twice in a day or
  3. A pinch of asafoetida (Heeng)in 1 table spoon of warm water, 2-3 times a day or
  4. 3 gm. Carum (Ajwain) seeds, 1 gm. of salt, with warm water, two times a day

6. Vomiting
    Forceful expulsion of gastric contents


  1. Juice of one lemon in 250 ml. of water and 25 gm. sugar, thrice a day or

  2. Chebulic myrobalan (Harad) powder 1-3 gm. with 1 teaspoon honey, thrice dailyor
    3. Fried Large cardamom seed (Bari Illaichi) 1/2-1 gm. with 1 teaspoon honey, three times a day.

7. Diarrhoea
    Frequent loose/Watery motions


  1. 1-3 gm. Of dried ginger powder mixed with equal parts of sugar, two times a day or

  2. 1 gm. Powder of fried cumin/long pepper/driedginger with one cup of butter milk, 3-4times a day or

  3. 5 gm. Isabgol husk with a cup of curd, twice a day.

8. Constipation
    Retention of faeces and gases, discomfort in abdomen


  1. 5 gm. of fruit rind of Chebulic myrobalan (Harad) with salt , once daily at bed time or

  2. 2-6 gm. of Triphala powder with 50 ml. Warm water, twice a day or 5 -10 gm. of Isabgol husk with one cup of milk at bed time

9. Low backache / Joint Pains
    Pain in joints and waist region


  1. Boil 5 gm.dry ginger in 50 ml of water and reduce to 20 ml.,mix with 5-10 ml. of castor oil, thrice daily or

  2. 10-20 ml. of castor oil with warm water/milk at bed time or

  3. Fried fenugreek (Methi) seeds 1 tablespoon with milk, twice daily
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